Participation Policy

All participating adults are expected to complete an on-line safety training that is focused on preventing abuse, how to recognize it, and what to do if we suspect it.  It will take about an hour of your time and we need a printed copy of the certificate of completion on record, for each adult that will be on the premises.  In addition, each adult will need to complete a state background check that needs to be turned in and processed prior to the beginning of the semester.

 Parents/guardians are to remain on site with their children at all times. The Co-op is a place for you and your child to participate with other similarly-minded parents and children, not a place to drop off your child and go elsewhere!

 Since Co-op cannot function without the dependable participation of all families involved, there will be no more than two planned absences allowed each semester. Please note on your registration form if you know of a week or two you will be absent so the class teachers can plan ahead. Please notify the Attendance Volunteer and the class teacher(s) of these absences.

  If, due to an emergency or illness, you are unable to be present for any class, call the Attendance Volunteer as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. Even if there is more than one assistant in the class, the instructor has planned for a certain number of assistants, and your help is needed and appreciated!

  Co-op begins at 8:45 a.m. in the Chapel. All families are required to be on time for chapel time so that they can be there for announcements, prayer, and to prepare for the day.

  Please be on time. If you need to set-up your class early, please come before chapel and do not send unattended children to do this for you, unless they are in a group of three and your are supervising them. We will allow students and assistants up to two late arrivals of 5 minutes or more to the first period class. If you are late, you may be locked out until 2nd period, as all exterior doors are locked from the outside.  See our tardyness policy below for more information on this.

  Every family is needed to help clean up, at the end of each week, so that we can leave the church clean for the next ministry to use it.  During the term each family will be assigned one or more weeks where they will be responsible to do the vacuuming and final touches on the cleaning (that means you need to plan on being the last ones out the door on “your day”). Parents will also be scheduled to serve as 'Lunch Monitors' for one or two weeks each semester. A list of responsibilities will be provided, that are site specific.


  Co-op chapel time starts at 8:45am. Being late disrupts the continuity of chapel time, so please try and be on time.  During chapel we discuss important events and or changes for the day, as well as enjoy devotionals or singing songs of praise to start our day off right.  The chapel doors will close at 8:45, therefore you will be considered late if you come in after the doors are closed. After being late three times the co-leaders will connect with the parent and express the need to be on time for co-op. There will be an email sent to the parent containing the co-op’s policy. If the parent continues to be late three more times, the parent will be asked not to come back to the co-op for one semester. Remember the co-op may not fit into everyone’s schedule so please check your schedule before committing.

Switching Class

  • Parents wanting to switch classes need to contact the co-leaders. 
  • The co-leaders will communicate with the teachers to see if the switch is an option.
  • If approved, switching classes needs to be complete before the second week after co-op starts. 
  • There is no refund for the class that the child is switching from. The parent will be responsible for paying the new class fee. The new class fee (if applicable) will need to be paid to the teacher the first day the student attends the class.
  • If the fee does not get paid to the teacher, then the student will be asked to return to their prior class.
  • Please remember that switching classes involves a lot of extra work for the teachers, registrar, and co-leaders, so please be mindful and only switch if there are extenuating circumstances. 

Lunchtime Policy

  • If your child needs regular supervision, regardless of age, please supervise them yourself; do not rely on the lunchtime monitor to police them. Your children are your responsibility.
  • Lunchtime monitor may return children to parents if a situation arises.
  • Main lobby and hallways are off-limits to unattended kids.
  • Lunchtime areas include: The Theater Building, playground, field and sports court areas.

Dress Code

We desire our Co-op to follow God’s call to modesty in appearance (1 Timothy 2:9-10), and in doing so, create a safe place for everyone to learn without distraction and temptation. These guidelines (for both parents and students alike) will give a measurable way to keep our clothing in check. Modesty is the key!

  • Shirt and dress necklines should be no lower than 4 fingers below the collarbone.
  • Tank top straps should be at least 2 fingers wide.
  • If shirt or dress is a thin material, please wear a slip or a T-shirt.
  • Shirts need to be long enough to cover the midsection, both front and back, even when hands are raised.
  • Dress and skirt length should be no shorter than 4 fingers above the top of the kneecap.
  • Shorts need to be at least as long as your longest finger when arms are at rest at your side.
  • All clothing should not be skin-tight, but should be loose enough to pull away from your body.
  • Undergarments need to remain undergarments; please make sure they stay covered (guys and girls!).
  • No PDA (public displays of affection between non-family members).


  We are a Christian Co-op. It honors Christ when our students respect their teachers and classmates. If a student is disruptive, the following procedures will take place:

  1. First offense – the student receives a clear warning from the instructor or assistant. Be loving, but firm.
  2. Second offense – the student is removed from the class and must remain with his or her parent for the remainder of the class time.
  3. Third offense – the student and parent(s) will have a meeting with the Advisory Team and instructor to see if student desires to remain in school by changing behavior. Student will not be allowed to return to that particular class until this meeting occurs.
  4. If the student wishes to return to the class the following week, he/she will be expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the Co-op. If there is another infraction, the parent will remove the student from the school for the remainder of the session with no refund of fees.


  In case of physical abuse – zero tolerance:

  1. No warning, immediate removal of both students from classroom, they will remain w/ parents for remainder of co-op day.
  2. Both parties will meet separately with own parents(s), instructor and Advisory Team to see if they desire to remain in co-op by changing behavior.
  3. If wish to return to the class the following week, he/she will be expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the co-op.
  4. If there is another infraction, the parent will remove the student from co-op for the remainder of the quarter with no refund of fees. Another meeting with the Advisory Team will be required before student is allowed back into co-op.
  5. If a violation occurs, an appointment will be set-up ASAP with at least two members of advisory team and both parents, to be completed before the next co-op meeting.

Cell Phone

  Please refrain from using cell phones; be considerate of others.

  • Students: Zero tolerance policy- no calls, games, social networking, or texting during chapel or class; teachers may confiscate phones and/or laptops for duration of class. We also discourage use of devices, by students, during lunch and free times, as this prevents interaction and relationship building with peers.
  • Adults: phones must be on vibrate- Please no calls, texting, or social networking during class or chapel. Please use only during lunch (if a call is necessary); if a very urgent call comes in during chapel or class, go out into the hall to answer. Remember, teachers are expecting you as a volunteer to be available to help them during class, so keep the call short.  Remember that we are setting the example for our children of healthy habits with devices.

Class Rooms

Students must stay in the classroom for the full period. No early dismissals!

Classroom doors must stay open when occupied unless there are 2 adults present.

At all times, students must be in a group of at least three if no adults are present.

 At the end of 3rd period, restore room to its original condition.  You many need to ask the teachers from 1st period about the room set-up. A vacuum is available. Empty trash and replace the bag, and close the door after class, making sure all windows are closed and lights are off.

Unregistered Students

Emergency situations may arise in which a family may need to bring children who are not registered coop students. If this happens, please request approval of the class teachers for the extra students.


Please do not bring your child to Co-op if he/she has any of the following:

  • Temperature of 100 degrees or higher
  • Green discharge from the nose
  • “Pink eye”
  • An unidentified rash
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • A productive cough with a fever
  • A sore throat with a fever
  • Please call the Attendance Volunteer ASAP if you will be absent.

Snow Days

Unless otherwise informed, if the Marysville School District is closed because of snow, Home’s Cool Co-op will not meet. 

Thank you for teaching and volunteering!!! The Co-op depends on all of us working together.

Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!

Other things to know

  • Please remember that the pastor is studying and the secretary is working during our co-op time. 
  • The church’s consumable supplies including the telephone, copy machine, paper, pencils, markers, etc. are not for the use of the Co-op.
  • Food, drink, or snacks are allowed only in the theater building and kitchen.
  • Only adults and high school students are to be in the kitchen, except during a cooking class.
  • Children must be in a classroom or with a parent at all times (unless going to the restroom or traveling between classes).
  • Children not in class are the responsibility of their parents (or another adult appointed by the parent).
  • Children under 8 years of age are to be accompanied to the restroom from the classroom by an assistant or parent.
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